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Bansuri Workshop -

A step to step procedure about the

"Art of Improvisation" of Hindustani Classical Music to western musicians.


Designed by Himanshu Nanda 

Hindustani Music for Western Musicians
Designed by Himanshu Nanda (Hindustani Flautist)

The vary substratum of Hindustani music is the Art of Improvisations. A student in the
traditional Gurukula system acquires this skill through dedication and years of
practice with special guidance from his Master (Guru). There is a beautiful systematic
step-by-step procedures to acquire this skill. The science behind the art of
improvisation, if learnt can be used by western musicians especially the Jazz

This workshop is specially designed to introduce the science and step-by-step
procedures of “Art of Improvisation” of Hindustani Classical Music to western

Course Details:

1. What is Improvisation?
2. Steps of improvisation
3. Basic nature and components of Raga Music
4. Aalap, Jod & Jhala - The soul of Dhrupad Music
5. Composition of a Raga and its improvisations
6. Mathematics and music
7. Music Meditation

Duration: 12 hrs

Dates 19 Oktober 9:00 - 12:00  U kunt zich ook opgeven voor een  Indiase Lunch (10 €) 12:00-13:00

                        14:00 - 17:00

         20 Oktober 9:00 - 12:00  Indiase Lunch (10 €)

                        14:00 - 17:00

Costs - 150 euro each person (exclusive lunch), If you want to join this very special workshop mail info@helendegeluiden 


Note: Necessary course materials along with music notations will be provided for
the above courses.